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Let's disrupt together: Timber-Hybrid Buildings of the Future

  • Join architect and digital design specialist Jens Voshage in a 6-part webinar series on a new way of creating buildings - watch the first one for free right here!

Cree's First Free 1-Hour Webinar

In the 1-hour introductory webinar, you are given an overview of the mega trends and challenges in the construction sector. See how Cree solves them with their disrupting timber-hybrid building system. In the end, you will understand how the industry benefits from faster core & shell building times while maintaining high quality, cost certainty and speed.

What Architects Say

"New technologies in mass timber allow the entirely industrialized building process - from planning to completion. This is the future of building."
Patrick Stremler, CEO and Co-Owner, Dietrich | Untertrifaller Architects Europe 
"As architects it is our duty to always question the common knowledge and to see opportunities where others see limitations. The use of wood in structures is the largest single factor that could reduce the CO2 footprint from our buildings and bring us closer to White arkitekters vision to "Inspire a sustainable way of life". Historically we have great experience from designing residential buildings with wood, The CREE system seems to be a way to implement wood in production of commercial buildings"
Martin Sundberg, Architect & Head of Office Malmö White Arkitekter, Sweden
“Building with wood is active climate protection. There are many diverse possibilities for large timber construction. A building system, like the one CREE offers for offices and commercial buildings, facilitates both planning and the execution, while minimising risk. The system does not limit an architect’s creativity. It offers potential, as well as the certainty that the solution is already resource optimised.”
Univ.-Prof. DI Hermann Kaufmann, Herman Kaufmann ZT GmbH, Austria

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Jens Voshage 

– Architect, Digital Design Specialist and Educator

Jens specializes in sustainable building design, environmental performance analysis and modeling, as well as BIM. His design focus is on thoughtful appropriate and responsive architecture. As a faculty member at British Columbia Institute of Technology, he holds lectures in various building science related topics to architectural Bachelor students. He is also the initiator and editor of the blog formfollowsperformance.


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- You will understand how Cree is disrupting the market with life-cycle thinking, modular construction and prefabrication

- You get overview of the LifeCycle Design process and our version of BIM

- You understand what building typologies Cree can be used on so that you are an expert on the newest solution in the sector

- You are on top of industry trends and innovations

- You can develop better solutions for your clients and business partners

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